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Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination

Since California is an “at-will employment” state, situations where an employee is terminated can be puzzling. Without a clearly defined contract, an employee can be fired at any point in time. However, a wrongful termination claim may be filed in a situation where the employee believes he or she was wrongfully terminated. If it is determined that the dismissal is based upon an illegal or unlawful employment action, there may be a legitimate claim of wrongful termination filed against the employer. At the Law Offices of Woosley & Porter, our lawyers confidently handle wrongful termination cases on behalf of employees in Santa Barbara and across California. We are experienced and aggressive advocates for employee rights. Our firm represents employees who have already been terminated or can advise clients who are fearful that they may be wrongfully terminated in the near future. Employee wrongful termination claims may be connected to another type of employment law situation, including:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Employment discrimination
  • Whistleblower
  • Breach of contract by the employer


Wrongful termination is often a form of retaliation in which employers may illegally engage. This means that due to a complaint lodged by an employee, such as an allegation of discrimination or harassment, the employee was then terminated. While an employee may be standing up for his or her rights, an employer may see it as causing a scene and take job-ending action. Our firm also handles retaliation claims that coincide with a wrongful termination claim. We are committed to seeing that your rights are preserved and that your employer is held responsible for any intentional wrongdoing.