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Ballantine et al v. Pacifica Graduate University



With the help of Eric Woosley and Jordan Porter, former students of Pacifica Graduate Institute have filed a complaint against their school and faculty alleging that the school made false representations to the students regarding their accreditation. Santa Barbara Graduate School, also known as Pacifica Graduate Institute is a Southern California Masters and Doctoral program which focuses solely on the field of traditional depth psychology. The complaint filed by the students alleges that the administration fraudulently lured the students to enroll into their clinical psychology program assuring them they would receive APA accreditation. The students thus relied on these statements and enrolled in the school, thus spending thousands of dollars in tuition alone.

The American Psychological Association (APA) is a nationally recognized program that assures accrediting, education, and training in psychology. APA accreditation is tied into the general requirements of most the licensing boards across the country and is a commonly sought-after recognition. In fact, many states require their candidates to either have a degree from an APA-accredited program or prove that their program is equivalent. Pacifica Graduate Institute, however, does not have this accreditation, and for a time were not even applying for it. This complaint maintains that these 61 students were misled into believing that Pacifica Graduate Institution’s APA accreditation was forthcoming, and that their reliance upon these facts has caused them financial damages.