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Matrix Oil v. Select Oil Tools

Select Oil Drilling

In an alleged negligence case, in the city of Whittier in the county of Los Angeles, Select Oil Tools was a subcontractor on an oil drilling site. Select Oil brought its own tools to drill the site, one of which was a cement manifold leased from a third party. This cement manifold acts as a supply line of cement to provide various necessary layers of substrate when drilling. Additionally, and as a key element in this case, these concrete layers need to be displaced by a plug, which, when dropped into the cement mixture at just the right moment, acts to seal the drilling line. This action alleges that Select Oil Tools and its representative were negligent in maintaining proper deployment of the plug by failing to properly observe the cement manifold during this critical period, and failing to properly set the wheel upon which the plug was set.

Additionally, this particular cement manifold lacked a secondary locking device for the aforementioned plug, which expert testimony has maintained that 90-95% of all other cement manifolds have such a secondary locking device, which is available for a few dollars.

The lack of such a device, in combination with the negligent oversight of the plug deployment, has resulted in millions of dollars in damages for the plaintiff.