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Morello v. Covenant Care


Retirement home law suit


In an ongoing case, Morello v. Covenant Care, et al, the Law Offices of Woosley & Porter are representing the Morello’s in a lawsuit against a Buena Vista Care, a residential care facility for the elderly. Plaintiffs allege six different causes of action, elder abuse, breach of fiduciary duty, concealment, unfair business practice, negligent hiring, training and supervision and wrongful death.

Buena Vista Care, otherwise known as Covenant Care, is a rehabilitation center and residential care facility located in Santa Barbara. Plaintiff’s mother, now deceased, was a patient under their supervision. While under their care, the Mrs. Morello required constant supervision and was dependent on Buena Vista’s staff on all aspects of her mobility. The staff, however, did not follow the orders given to them by the attending physicians and thus complications and incidents arose, furthering her illness and ultimately leading to her death.

This is not the first time that Buena Vista has been sued and Woosley and Porter hope to seek justice to the Morello family and to any future or ongoing incidents that arise under Buena Vista’s care.