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When it comes time to find a lawyer, chances are, you already wish that you had one. Finding a competent attorney to represent you can be tricky. How will you know if he/she does a good job? Who has the credibility you’re looking for? Who has been around long enough and is known well enough to be respected in his field?

These are the questions you must ask yourself, and in California it can be especially hard to find a good attorney.

But like most things, finding a good attorney is simpler than you might expect. We frequently tell people that when you meet the attorney for the first time, feel him or her out. Ask yourself: do you trust him or her? Does the attorney make you feel comfortable? If the answer is “No,” then it’s best to trust your instinct and move on. There are plenty of attorneys out there – enough so that you can find a competent attorney and feel good about your decision.

If you think that we might be a good fit – I encourage you to go with your gut and reach out to us: we’re here for you and we always work as hard as humanly possible for our clients.